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Looking for a suitable director chair? Leather Chair will be the best choice. Quality of leather chair is associated with top-of-the-line, premier products. Modern tanning processes make leather resistant to cracking, peeling or sagging.  It has a rich look, feel and smell. Comfortable and durability is strong also. We are a professional office chair supplier & manufacturer with rich experience. Our leather chairs are divided into wooden series and chrome series, and their large areas are made of high-quality PU Leather/Half Leather/Full Leather. They are of good quality, have an elegant yet unassuming appearance, and the well-padded upholstery for comfort. Also, its exquisite workmanship makes it firm and not easy to damage. You can find different sizes, colors, and types of chairs and various styles of office furniture here, we provide you with the most suitable and your favorite office furniture for you to work in a comfortable environment.

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