Mesh Chair | Supplier & Manufacturer Malaysia

Mesh chairs provide proper ventilation keeping the user cool, comfortable, and dry. Ventilation can also help to minimize muscle fatigue. Spillages and general maintenance are easily handled in the case of mesh chairs. Most wipe down quickly and easily with a damp cloth. Stylish & Modern, Durability & Ergonomic Posture Support also is the benefit of mesh chair. It is especially suitable for modern people who need to sit in the office or work in front of the computer for a long time. Like the rest of the office furniture, you can choose from several colors depending on your preference. We have three types of mesh chairs: high back mesh chair, medium back mesh chair, and visitor mesh chair. Their seat uses ultra-high density PU foam seat, and the material uses fabric, while the visitor mesh chair is different from the rest of the two types in the base and casters. The base it uses is a black coated cantilever leg base and the remaining two used 5-pronged Polypropylene bases with castors. Customers can choose chrome and nylon base.

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